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On-Site Consultation
At NJM Contractors, we know that not all requests for help or technical assistance can be dealt with over the phone. We understand that sometimes, you need specialist on site help in order to resolve the issue.

Our team of friendly, efficient consultants and installers have accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge over many years working closely with our clients on site. This enables them to fully understand the site safety issues that you may be experiencing and provide a custom solution, tailored to your requirements or offer an off the shelf solution subject of your needs. 

We can help resolve issues on-site
We can help trouble-shoot and resolve problems on-site, such as broken bollards or malfunctioning boom gates.

Our friendly team is always happy to help with the best solution to a range of issues that can arise on-site.
Sometimes it can be hard to know what to do if one bollard at the site is damaged, how to best position a new installation, or what to do about malfunctioning hydraulic units.
We provide on-site consultations where we find the best solution for you.

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