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Titan Power Bollards

The Titan Power Bollards house either Electricity or Water Supply points in a stainless steel or a hot dipped galvanised/powder coated bollard.

These bollards come in a range of colours and canbe both fixed surface mount with base plate or sub surface mounted, for use as a combined secure power and water service point or standalone power or water only service point.

They are designed to house a number of exterior standard mounted rated electricity outlets for installation by a licensed electrical contractor complying to Statutory authorities & AS/NZS 3000:2007 Electrical installations or water supply points, to allow an easily accessible source of power or water that is safe and secure.

The bollards are designed to have a nonconductive backboard in the internal structure, which provides an ideal mounting point for either electric or water service units.

They can be custom manufactured in a range of sizes and heights as required, with a door aperture with lockable hinged door, provides protection and prevents vandalism and unauthorised use.

200NB (219.1) x 4.8mm Medium Duty Galvanised Pipe

300NB (323.9) x 6.4mm Medium Duty Galvanised Pipe

600NB (574.4) x 6.4mm Medium Duty Galvanised Pipe

An access slot at the base of the door, allows cables or hoses to pass through whilst closed in the locked position.

Providing secured power and water distribution both when both in use and not in use. 

Titan Power Bollards
Titan Power Bollards
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