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Omni Stop Bollard

The Omni Stop Bollards provide premium protection for pedestrians, vehicles and assets in high traffic scenarios. Two Omni Stop Bollards flank a Solar LED Line Marker that enables a holistic safety solution by increasing pedestrian visibility.

This method of security is particularly focused on fortifying overhead gantries within construction zones and loading docks, a solution which will prevent people from harm and vehicles from damage.

Manufactured from stainless steel in a yellow powder coated finish, Omni Stop Bollards are high impact resistant, key lockable and subsurface mounted via core drilled housing for convenient and simple removal.

The true advantage of the Omni Stop Bollard system is its versatility. During the day, pedestrians are safeguarded from potential vehicular collisions, as are work sites (inclusive of gantries and machinery), while at night, the illuminative properties of the line marker acts as a means of enhancing visibility and deterring vehicles from impacting the bollards.

Ideal for council application on building sites in congested areas, Omni Stop Bollards boast 12mm wall thickness and are capable of withstanding vehicles weighing roughly 1650 kilograms travelling at 60kmph. 

Omni Stop Bollard
Omni Stop Bollard
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